20 Mayıs 2017 Cumartesi

'Final Four' Becomes Turk-Greek War

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 May 2017)

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Worse may be yet to come - Olympiakos-Fenerbahçe final set.

A group of supporters of the Greek basketball team Olympiakos, who
came to Istanbul for the THY Europe League's 'Final Four' tournament,
came out from their hotel on İstiklal Avenue in Beyoğlu yesterday at
about noon, lit torches and began screaming "Kontantinopolis!"

Turkish citizens and shopkeepers reacted by chanting "Istanbul" and
 a scuffle ensued during which Olympiakos fans Alexandroz Kagelidis,
Smit Rioypi, Aggelos Pritsos and Stefan Dimitros and two others were
injured.  Turks Özgür A., Hakan Ü., Serkan Ü., Hakan Y., Bekir B.G.
and Serkan B.F. were taken into custody.

The injured Greek fans were taken to Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training
and Research Hospital for treatment.  Their hotel was put under guard
by police.  Later, at the Sinan Erdem Sports Arena where the 'Final
Four' was being played, about 100 Fenerbahçe supporters attacked a
number of Greek fans.  Police chased the attackers into the side streets
of Ataköy.

Olympiakos won their match against CSKA Moskova 82-78.  Fenerbahçe
defeated Real Madrid 84-75 to set up a Olympiakos-Fenerbahçe final. (!)

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