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Fork in the Throat; Elevator's Car Hostage

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 May 2017)

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No, she wasn't practicing to be a sword swallower.

In Bursa's Orhangazi district, Naciye Ak (19) used a fork to attend to a
bad tooth but the fork slipped down her throat (!).  The incident occurred
at about 10:30 last night in the Üregil neighborhood when, after the iftar
meal (fast breaking evening meal during Ramazan), Naciye was using
the fork as a toothpick.

Naciye's father, taxi driver İsmail Hakkı Ak, rushed her to the Orhangazi
State Hospital from where she was transferred to Uludağ University
Hospital for further treatment.   During an operation the fork was removed
and Naciye was expected to be released from the hospital this evening.
Her father explained that "I was at the taxi stop when my wife called
and cried 'Naciye is dying!' so I took her to the hospital right away. She'd
been complaining about her teeth and then the forked slipped down her
throat.  We hadn't been able to get her to a dentist beforehand."

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 May 2017)

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       An elevated level of frustration.

In Eskişehir, market owner Cengiz Önal (37) went to visit his father in
his 4-story apartment building a year ago.  Önal and his 1.5 year-old
daughter Belinay boarded the building's car elevator but the cable broke
and the car plunged 6 meters down.  Neither Önal nor his daughter were
injured but the car remains where it has been for a year, inside the broken
elevator (!).

Önal filed suit against the building's administrators and he lamented that
"this is not an accident that could easily happen to someone. In fact, I
don't call it an accident, I call it negligence.  With my daughter with me
in the car we boarded the elevator, rose up to the highest level and then
the cable broke.  Two days before the accident the elevator had been
serviced, according to the log.  We appealed to the proper authorities
but nothing has happened for a year.  I want my car to be removed from
the elevator and to be compensated."

Önal said that he has talked with a number of winch operators but they
all ask exorbitant fees to remove the car.

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