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Istanbul Edition: Frida Kahlo Tatoo; Uzbek Hookers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 May 2017)

Image result for lazer epilasyonda fridasını kaybetti
The resemblance is uncanny...except for the eyes.

In Istanbul, an epilation scandal ended up at the police station.  Nazlı K.
(22) went to a beauty salon in Avcılar for laser epilation.  When she returned
for a second treatment a new employee named Yasemin performed the
treatment and ruined the tatoo of Frida Kahlo (!) on Nazlı K.'s arm.  Although
Nazlı K. experienced pain and distress, Yasemin continued the laser treatment.

Nazlı K. got a hospital report to confirm her injuries and went to the police
station to file a complaint against Yasemin.  In her statement, Nazlı K. said
that "the person doing the laser treatment was inept because even I know that
you don't put a laser on a tatoo.  And even though I told her to stop, she didn't.
I have burns and blisters now but most importantly my Frida Kahlo tatoo was

Image result for avcılar haritası
       Avcılar district of Istanbul.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 May 2017)

İstanbul Pendik
           We're not in Uzbekistan anymore...

The night before last in Pendik district of Istanbul, Uzbeks M.A. and D.A.
were taken into custody on charges of prostitution.  After visiting the police
station, the women were taken to Pendik State Hospital for a health exam.
After the exam, while police were taking M.A. and D.A. back to the
Çamçeşme police station they noticed a car following them.

When the police car stopped in front of the police station, D.A. fled to the
side streets and M.A. got into the car that was following the police car.
As the car pulled away police fired at it but the car disappeared.  Soon
afterwards, police learned that the car had come to a hospital for treatment
of two injured passengers.

At the hospital police found pimp Yunus Çelik and M.A.  Subsequently,
Çelik was transferred to Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital where he succumbed
his gunshot wounds.  M.A.'s condition is said to be serious.  Police later
captured C.B., F.K.   R.S., the policeman who fired on the fleeing car
was taken into custody, as well (!).  D.A. was captured later on.

Image result for pendik haritası
               Pendik district of Istanbul.


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