1 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi

'Pampers' Anti-Tank System Seized at Zonguldak

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 May 2017)

Bebek bezi dediler füze parçası çıktı
   Just bonus gifts for diaper customers. Honest!

A truck which arrived at Zonguldak on the ship Cenk-Y from Ukraine
on Thursday drew the suspicion of customs officials at the port.  The
truck, driven by Iranian E.E. (38) and bearing license plate 72B74110/
72B74210, contained baby diapers (!) as listed on the manifest, but a
search of the cab revealed military binoculars and 'mechanisms'.  

Additional 'mechanisms' were found in the truck's windbreaker and
equipment cabinet.  Further investigations found that the 'mechanisms'
were parts of the Russian-made 9K111 FAGOT or 9K113 KONURS
anti-tank guided missile systems.  Other elements of the systems, to
include firing and target acquisition mechanisms, were discovered,
as well.

These anti-tank missiles systems are used by terrorist organizations
like ISIS, PKK and PYD.  Driver E.E. explained to customs officials
that an Iranian student in Kiev had paid him to load the material on
his truck and bring it to Iran.  While E.E. was taken to jail, Turkish
officials surmised that the parts had been initially sent to Ukraine for
repair or maintenance by a terrorist organization.

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                      Zonguldak (dot)

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