21 Mayıs 2017 Pazar

'Karate Kız' Foils Inept Rapists

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 21 May 2017)

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     Some tough guy...gets beat up by a girl!

In Denizli, G.T. (24)  was walking home when she was spotted
by two individuals driving a car without license plates.  Cem K. (24)
and Oktay K. (24) grabbed G.T.'s arms and tried to force her into
their car.  However, G.T., who knows karate (!), kicked and head-
butted Oktay K., freeing herself.  The two suspects fled in a panic.

Next, the suspects spotted university student S.Ş. (23) and tried to
kidnap her.  She screamed, though, drawing the attention of citizens
who rushed to her aid.  The suspects again fled but police reviewed
surveillance videos from 40 shops, checked 2,000 vehicles and
ultimately tracked down the would-be rapists in Burdur, where they
were arrested.

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