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PM's Residence Garden as Insect Battlefield

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 May 2017)

Image result for 12-tooth bark insects
                       Tree Enemy No. 1

The Ministry of Forests and Water Affairs has initiated a war with the
"12-toothed bark insects" in the garden of the Çankaya Mansion and
the Prime Minister's Residence by unleashing red forest ants in the
garden.  In addition to destroying the unwanted pests, the red ants are
aerating the ground, improving drainage and moving seeds.

Image result for çankaya köşkü
                Prime Ministerial battleground

A chemical "pheromone" is also being used against the 12-toothed pests.
When a pheromone is secreted into the environment it creates a special
reaction that prompts creatures of the same species to reproduce,
tempting the pests into a trap.  In the garden of the Çankaya Mansion,
41 pheromone traps, each 1.3 meters high, have been spread among the

Image result for kırmızı orman karıncası
       Red ants to the rescue!

As for the red ants, nests for them have been formed in the garden so
they can battle their enemy, which drills holes in the bark of the trees
and begins to eat away at the tree's cambium tissue layer.

Image result for çankaya köşkü haritası
Çankaya Mansion and Prime Minister's Residence (A)

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