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History Transported in Batman

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 May 2017)

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   Sure, it looks easy, but it really wasn't.

Within the scope of work conducted jointly by the Ministry of Culture
and State Water Works, the Zeynel Bey Türbesi (Zeynel Bey's Tomb) in
Hasankeyf district of Batman province was moved yesterday after two
years of preparations.  A 192-wheel (!) SPMT (self-propelled modular
transporter) platform was constructed for the transport operation.

A special asphalt road was paved and a 1-meter high concrete base was
poured under the tomb, which weighs 1,100 tons.  Hydrolic jacks were
used yesterday to move the tomb onto the SPMT for the 2-kilometer
journey to the tomb's new site.  The pace of the transport was 500 meters
per hour and the cost of the operation, carried out by Turkish and Dutch
firms, was 20 million TL (about $6 million).

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This tomb will remain in Gotham City.

The Mayor of Hasankeyf, Vahap Kusen noted that "moving this historic
tomb, rather than having it engulfed by water from the new dam, pleases
us.  Some of the other historical treasure will be submerged, though."
However, Forest and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu noted that
7 other treasures will be similarly moved: El Rızk Mosque, architectural
elements of the Süleyman Han and Koç Mosques, Kızlar Mosque,
Ortakapı, Artuklu Hamamı (bath) and İmam Abdullah Zaviyesi (lodge).

The Zeynel Bey Türbesi was built by Akkoyunlu leader Uzun Hasan
between 1462-1482 for his son Zeynel, who was martyred in battle.
The tomb's architectural importance stems from its use of architectural
characteristics from Azerbaijan and Turkistan that were brought to
Anatolia.  The external shape of the tomb is cylindrical, whereas the
interior has an octagonal plan.  The colors on the tomb are quite eye-
catching, as well.

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