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Wrestles Bear and Wins With Tongue Hold

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 May 2017)

//ed. note: TNT stringer 'Ben' provided this gem.//

Ayıyla 40 dakika boğuştu Elimi ayının ağzına sokup dilini tuttum
       Tokmak, right, and unnamed opponent.

The incident occurred at Tepeköy Cinderesi Cevizlikaya in Alucra
district of Giresun province.  Şerif Tokmak left his house to gather
mushrooms but he ran into a bear at Cenderesi Cevizlikaya.  The bear's
young were alongside so the bear attacked Tokmak, who wrestled with
the beast for about 35-40 minutes before escaping with some serious

In his own words Tokmak related that "I went out early in the morning
to gather the 'Canşır'-type mushrooms that mature in May.  The encounter
with the bear happened at about 10 o'clock.  I stood still when the bear
appeared and began to back away.  Then the bear's three cubs came to her
and she decided to attack me."

"I protected my face and midsection and struggled with the bear for
about 35-40 minutes.  The bear was clawing my back and arms and then
we both fell down a 25-30 meter slope.  The bear came at me again but
I stuck my hand in its mouth and grabbed its tongue (!) in a desperate effort
to save my own life.  When I let go of its tongue, which was really hurting
the bear, it ran away.  I called home and waited for a car to pick me up.
We went to Şebinkarahisar first and from there to Giresun State Hospital.
Fortunately I'm ok but last year in Alucra two citizens lost their lives. I
was luckier."

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Alucra district is in southeastern Giresun province.


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