20 Mayıs 2017 Cumartesi

Married to The Mob

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 May 2017)

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   Being a solid family guy proved his undoing.

pizza police have also used other tactics, as TNT documented.

Mafia boss Sedat Şahin has ordered the killings of tens of members
of the rival Sarallar gang and he was said to be planning yet another
execution.   However, police tracked Şahin's wife to his hide-out in
Beykoz, Istanbul, and captured him before he could commit the
murder and escape to Hungary.

Police have been after Şahin for quite a while and finally arrested him
at the farm of his bodyguard Halis Kocaman on Wednesday.  The key
to capturing Şahin was a police tactic that has nabbed mob leaders in
the past.  For six months police tracked Şahin's wife and when she
entered  Kocaman's farm with their child they pounced on Şahin.
A search of the house on the farm yielded 2 'lav' weapons, 4 hand
grenades, 10 Kalashnikov rifles, 2 machine guns and 12 revolvers.

Police used the same tactic to capture mob boss Alaattin Çakıcı,
tracking his girlfriend Aslı Ural's telephone calls, and to nab Haluk
Kırcı by surveilling his wife Vesile Kırcı.  Mafioso Kürşat Yılmaz
was captured when police tracked his girlfriend Figen Gönül to him.

Image result for beykoz haritası
Beykoz district in yellow on right side of Bosphorus.


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