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Seagull Snatches Bitten-off Ear

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 May 2017)

Kulağını martı kaptı
Putting the best face on things, Çelik says it's 'Spock'ish'

At the pier on Büyükada, Istanbul, Eyüp Çelik's ear was bitten off in
a fight and a seagull snatched away the piece of his ear.  The incident
occurred last year on 29 July when Çelik (25) got into a fight with
Danyal Tolgahan Alparslan Seyrek (yes, 4 names!).

Çelik explained what happened as follows: "I was sitting in a tea garden
with my mother and niece when I noticed a fellow 5-6 meters away
roughing up his girlfriend.  Thinking that it would be best not to intervene,
I didn't want to get involved. Just then a friend called me on the phone so
I got up to chat.  But the suspect thought I was calling the police about him
so he started screaming at me. In response I said 'are you going to beat me
up like your poor girlfriend!?'"

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                   Still at large.

"He jumped on top of me and pinned me to the ground, scratching me
around the neck.  Then he bit my ear.  I screamed so he got off me and
spat out the piece of my ear a few meters away.  A seagull swooped in and
snatched the ear. (!)  The suspect jumped on me again and tried to bite off
my other ear.  Fortunately, onlookers intervened and the assailant fled. I
was taken to Kartal Training Hospital where the doctor asked me where
the missing ear part was. When I told him that a seagull snatched it he
laughed. They had me see a plastic surgeon and I was released in the

As for Seyrek, who was arrested by police at the pier, in his statement to
the police he said that "I came from Germany with my girlfriend and sister.
A guy was staring at me while I argued with my girlfriend. He threw ice
cream in my face.  We began fighting and I bit his ear to save myself.  I'm
the victim!"  Seyrek has since returned to Germany but faces a 6-year jail
term if convicted.  Çelik could get a sentence of from 4 months to one year
for fighting.  The first hearing  on the case is scheduled for Thursday,
11 May.

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                    Büyükada (A)

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