15 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi

Sucker Punch Selfie on Mothers Day

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 15 May 2017)

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Undeterred, heroic Mayor pressed on with Mothers Day duties.

The CHP (Republican Peoples Party) Mayor of Edirne, Recep Gürkan,
was touring a market yesterday, Mothers Day, when Görkem Huslu (29),
an egg seller at the market, approached him and asked if they could take
a selfie together.  The Mayor agreed but as Huslu readied his cellphone
with one hand, with the other he smashed an egg into Mayor Gürkan's eye.

 Huslu hit Gürkan a few more times before fleeing. He was captured,
though, in front of the Edirne police headquarters.  Meanwhile, the Mayor
was rushed to a hospital,where it was determined that he had suffered a
tear in his eye.  Gürkan said that "this wasn't an impetuous act. It was
planned. He (Huslu) posted something against me on social media an
hour before."

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Huslu willing to sell his 'how to' video to selfie-ists worldwide.

As for Huslu, in his statement to police he said that he used to work for
the city but was fired recently for disciplinary reasons (!).  Huslu said
that his mother is Güler Soyaslan, the director of the Edirne Municipal
Environmental Protection and Control office.

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