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She's a Tree-Hugger For Sure Henceforth

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 9 May 2017)

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                 Başak hanım and her hero.

In Izmir, Başak Görücü (16) fell from her fifth-floor apartment but
miraculously survived.  Görücü, who lives in the Buca Yenigün
neighborhood, leaned out of a window to shake out a tablecloth but
the chair she was standing on slipped and she fell toward the ground.

Fortunately, the branches of a plum tree in front of her house broke her
fall.  Görücü was taken to Seyfi Demirsoy State Hospital's emergency
room, where it was determined that she had suffered some vertebrae cracks
and spinal slippage.  Nevertheless, the next morning Görücü was able to
walk.  She was released after spending 5 days in the hospital.

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A funny thing happened on the way out the window.         

Relating her experience, Görücü said: "As I fell the branches of the plum
tree snagged my hair and I remember that I turned around.  Otherwise,
I would have hit the ground head first.  I don't remember anything after
that. The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital.  I was afraid I
wouldn't be able to walk again but now I'm fine.  The tree we were
thinking about cutting down saved my life!"

Dr. Berkant Atay noted that "she began walking at 9 in the morning.
The tree broke her fall. She was very lucky.  We don't see many of
those in the emergency room." (!)

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                            Buca, Izmir (A)

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