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Tangled & Deadly Iranian Intrigue in Istanbul

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 17 May 2017)
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Karimian and the scene of his assassination in Istanbul.

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Saeed Karimian, the owner of GEM TV and a British citizen of
Iranian descent, was killed along with his Kuwaiti partner in
Maslak, Istanbul, last month.  The two killers have been captured in

It has been learned that the killers, whose extradition to Turkey is
in progress, are members of the Iranian regime's forces.  Karimian,
the number 7 member of the Halkın Mücahitleri (Peoples Combatants)
organization is accused by the Iranian state of acting contrary to the
security of the Iranian nation and of spreading propaganda against
the state.

Istanbul police learned that the suspects planned to reach Iran via
Europe.  With the help of Serbian police, the two were cornered last
week in Montenegro carrying false passports.  Police also determined
that Karimian knew he had been a target of the Iranian regime for the
past three months and he was preparing to leave Istanbul for London
when he was shot dead.

Karimian's TV company had a representation in Turkey, buying
popular Turkish TV shows for external markets.  The Iranian regime
tried Karimian in absentia and gave him a 6-year jail sentence for
showing programs contrary to Islamic values, spreading anti-state
propaganda and acting against the security of the state.

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