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Ancient Olive Trees Transplanted, Thriving

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 October 2017)

Bin Yıllık Zeytin Ağacını Söküp, 'İnşallah Tutar' Diyerek Antalya’ya Diktiler
       I think that I shall never see 
          A poem lovely as a tree.

Two olive trees, 800 and 1,200 years old (!), respectively, were
transported from Akhisar district of Manisa province two years ago to
the Vakıf Zeytinliği (VZ/Olive Tree Trust) in Antalya.  The trees were
removed from a field in Akhisar to make way for the Istanbul-Izmir
highway now under construction. 

Both trees are thriving in their new home and 5 kilograms of olives
were harvested from each tree this year.  The trees were moved at
the initiative of the  Antalya Ticaret Borsası (Antalya Commerce
Market/ATB) and VZ's Vahdet Narin noted that the trees had thus
been saved from the wood pile, adding that "touching a 1,200 year-
old tree gives a person a special joy." 

olives ile ilgili görsel sonucu
             1,000 year-old olives.

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