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'Matrix & Mevlana' Seminar Draws Hoja's Ire

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 4 October 2017)

Mevlevilerin Osho tepkisi
They'll change into their matching orange jump-suits shortly.

An event at the Osho Meditation Center in Rumeli Hisar, Istanbul, has
drawn the ire of the family of the Mevlana and his devotees.  The event,
entitled "Matrix & Mevlana", was arranged by Iranian meditation guru
Mareechi Asu and mixes scenes from the Matrix movies with the
thoughts of the Mevlana (!).

Image result for faruk hemden çelebi
Descendant Çelebi even defends the Mevlana's slim, trim figure.

The announcement for the event reads as follows: "Our Matrix &
Mevlana lessons are starting in Istanbul.  We intend to bring mysticism,
art and philosophy together.  The prison that the mind creates will be
discussed in tandem with how the matrix offers ways out of this prison.
By mixing scenes from the Matrix films with the thoughts of the Mevlana
we will set out on a deep journey inside truth."

Image result for matrix
Come to think of it, there was lots of whirling in the films...

However, Faruk Hemdem Çelebi, the head of the Mevlana Foundation
and a 22nd generation descendant of the Mevlana, objected strenuously
to the Osho event, saying "Citizens, do give  credence to those who
offer services in the name of the Mevlana such as shaikhs, groups and
meditation or personal development teachers.  We have complained
about rituals being conducted by a number of persons in the name of
the Mevlana, who is a treasure not just for Moslems but for all of
humanity. The event organized by Osho or this person named Asu
has absolutely no relation to the Mevlana.  To evaluated the Mevlana
by watching Matrix movies is nonsense.  Our nation should say 'stop!'
to such a ridiculous thing."

Reached for comment by Milliyet, the Osho center said that the event
had taken place a few days ago and that a second session would be
announced via social media, depending on the demand. 

Image result for matrix
Ushers waiting for guests to arrive at the Osho Meditation Center.


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