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Ministry Confuses Abraham's Tale by 1,000 Years

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 October 2017)

nemrut dağı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
There's no 'sunset clause' in history books.

Since the beginning of the school year many school books have been
gathered up or pages destroyed because of mistakes.  In the 6th grade
book about the Kuran prepared by the National Education Ministry
(MEB) for middle schools and 'imam hatip' (religious) schools one
particular mistake has generated discussion.

king nemrut & abraham the rest of the story...

In the book the MEB confused King Nemrut with the King of
Kommagene, with regard to during which king's reign Abraham
was thrown into the fire.  The book explains that Abraham lived in
2100 B.C. but the image used in connection with Abraham shows
the statues of Nemrut Dağı that were built by the Kommagene
Kingdom 1,000 years later (!). 

kommagene (commagene) kingdom what's 1.000 years...?

In 1987 UNESCO the statues were placed on the World Heritage
List and declared to be the 8th wonder of the world.  The MEB,
though, characterized the statues for students as "idols" and a
"center for disbelief, immorality, ugliness and idolatry".  On the
page where the MEB explains that Abraham destroyed the idols
there are pictures of a 'Zeus-Oromasdes' statue, an eagle-headed
status and giant statues in a row atop a piece of wood that is 10
meters high.

nemrut dağı haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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