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TNT Report from 2011: Sad Footnote

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 October 2017)

manolya life in the royal fast-lane: TNT report from 2011

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        Once upon a time she was a princess...

Manolya Onur (62), a former Miss Turkey runner-up, has been
declared 'brain dead'.  The Istanbul hospital where Onur was
being treated issued the following announcement: "On 18 October
2017, the patient entered our hospital after suffering a massive
lung embolism.  After intensive treatment, the patient, Ms.
Manolya Onur, has been declared 'brain dead'."

Manolya Onur had spent most of the year in Phuket, Thailand,
before returning to Istanbul.  On 18 October she collapsed and
was taken to the hospital by her daughter.  Examinations found
that there was a blockage in one of the large veins of her lungs.

Born in 1955, Manolya Onur was the runner-up in the Miss
Turkey contest of 1975.  In 1990 she married the Nizam of Hyderabad,
India, Mukarram Bereket Shah (84), who was the grandson of the
last Ottomon caliph Abdülmecid.  The couple had a child, Princess
Nilüfer Jan (Shah) (25), but divorced in 1994.

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          Hyderabad is in southern India.

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