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Film Script Edition: Brit Bodyguards Dupe Rich Iranians

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 October 2017)

milyarder iranlı kardeşleri tuttukları korumalar soydu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                    Left holding the bag...

Three Iranian siblings who came to Istanbul for business occupied two
floors of a five-star hotel and were protected by private British bodyguards.
The way they were robbed is the stuff of movies.

The Iranians came to Istanbul in April, having hired a famous British firm
for their bodyguards.  The Iranians and their British guards stayed together
on the 5th and 6th floors of the hotel in the Sütlüce section of the city.
The Brits then made a deal with a local security company for support.

Last Tuesday the British bodyguards left the hotel and the same evening
three people identifying themselves as policemen came to the hotel at
about 6 PM in a mini-van and told the Iranians they must come with them.
Later, not hearing from the Iranians, an individual named M.M. informed
the real police that they were missing.
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Brit bodyguards stopped off in Monaco on way back to England.

Assuming that the Iranians, A.S. (35), M.S. (32) and M.S. (30), had been
kidnapped for ransom the police went into action.  Reviewing hotel
video footage, the police saw that after the Iranians left, their former
British bodyguards entered their rooms and made off with jewelry worth
500,000 euros and financial documents worth 1 million euros. (!)  The
bodyguards then flew to England.

The Iranians, who it is claimed have a fortune of 300 million euros,
filed a complaint.  They said they hired the Brits in Dubai: "we dealt
with a firm that protects world-famous people and hired 4 of their
men, who were former commandos.  For six months they and some
Turkish bodyguards protected us in Istanbul.  The day of the incident
they fired the Turkish guards."

Based on the Iranians' statements, police apprehended a Belgian named
V.D.S.A.W. who goes by the name 'Laurent' (!) at Atatürk Airport;
Iranian-German citizen S.N. and Iranian A.S. at their hotels; and Turks
O.A., Ö.Ç. and A.Y. at their homes.  A.S. was released and the other 5
were jailed.  Brits S.C., J.A., P.B. and P.S. and another Turk are being

golden horn map ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Sütlüce is on the Golden Horn (above the 'start' sign).

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