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Love is Blind Edition

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 5 October 2017)

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Even Özlem hanım looks good on the internet.

In Gaziantep, state worker M.K. (25) claimed that Özlem S.G., whom he
met on the internet but never face-to-face, bilked him out of 108,200 TL
(about $30,000).  Özlem S.G. told M.K. that she worked as an emergency
room technician at the Hatay Kırıkhan State Hospital and that she would
soon be assigned to her hometown of Kahramanmaraş. 

M.K. explained that he and Özlem hanım talked about marriage on the
phone.  Soon, though, Özlem hanım asked M.K. for 2,000 TL to buy
herself a new cellphone so he sent the money.  But Özlem hanım spent
it on other things and again asked for more money to buy another phone. 

In M.K.'s words: "She wanted me to get her a phone for her birthday so
I sent her 4,200 TL by minibus but she said the phone she bought turned
out to be second-hand so she sold it.  A friend of hers named Süleyman,
supposedly a 'family friend', came to Gaziantep and I gave him money
for a new phone for her.  For a ring, earrings, telephone, credit and other
things I sent her a total of 108,200 TL." 

M.K. learned that Özlem hanım had bilked another person in Adana
out of 11,000 TL.

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M.K. hopes to someday meet a girl bigger than an Iphone screen.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 5 October 2017)

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Love is not only blind it's blurry, too. Fake policeman and Evgeniia.

In Antalya, Evgeniia Dtysheva (35) became involved with Ömer Demir
who told her he was a policeman.  Ömer bey proposed to Evgeniia but
when her ex-husband heard about this he sued for custody of their
children.  Ömer bey then told Evgeniia that her property would be
confiscated in the lawsuit so she sold her Antalya house and put the
$100,000 profit into Ömer bey's account (!).

On 18 July, Ömer bey told Evgeniia that he was being assigned to
Moscow so he took Evgeniia's money and jewelry and absconded.
It turned out that Ömer bey is really T.A., who has 3 or 4 different
girlfriends and is not really a policeman. 

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