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Roommate Candidate's Brief but Eventful Stay

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 October 2017)

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"Hey, this milk tastes better than usual...zzzzzzzz"

In Istanbul, when university student Ferhat Akbayrak's roommate moved
out he put an advertisement on the internet for a new one, specifying that
"if you're sensible, we'll get along fine."  A prospective roommate phoned
Akbayrak and explained that "I'm a driver and my workplace is very close."

The candidate came to Akbayrak's residence last weekend and brought
along some alcohol (!).  The two agreed on the deal and began to drink in
celebration.  Shortly thereafter, though, Akbayrak passed out because the
candidate had doped his drink. 

When Akbayrak's mother and girlfriend couldn't reach him they came to
the house and found Akbayrak sound asleep.  His wallet, telephone, TV
and three computers were gone, however.  Police are currently reviewing
surveillance footage for clues.

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...commits the perfect crime.

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