14 Ekim 2017 Cumartesi

Another Brick in the Wall of Equality

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 October 2017)

karadenizin güçlü kadınları hülya dadandı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                      Ladies hitting the bricks.

Hülya Dadandı and Emine Dilli live in Beşikdüzü district of Trabzon
and they make their living by transporting bricks to various districts of
Trabzon, Rize, Giresun and Ordu provinces.  Their customers prefer them
because they are so hard-working.  Each day the two women load and
unload 30,000 bricks (!).

Dadandı (38), the mother of 2 children, has been transporting bricks for
14 years to help with her family's budget.  With regard to the physical
aspect of the job, Dadandı said that "it cannot be said that we're very
strong but in the end we're Black Sea women. In some areas they're
surprised to see us but mostly they've gotten used to us."

Her partner Dilli (43), also the mother of 2 children, has been
transporting bricks for 6 years and explained that "I saw that my
friends were transporting bricks one day so I said 'can I work too?'.
They said 'sure', so that's when I started.  Some say it's men's work
but these days there's no difference between men's and women's
work. Everyone can do the job."

doğu karadeniz illeri haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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