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She Got Mixed Up With a Bad Crowd

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 October 2017)

eylem gülçin kanık ile ilgili görsel sonucu
             Eylem hanım in happier days.

On 7 October the burned body of a woman was found in the brush
near Manastır village in Didim district of Aydın province.  After a
week of forensic research the unrecognizable body was identified
from a belly button piercing to be that of Eylem Gülçin Kanık (37).

Police went to the scene and reviewed surveillance camera footage
that led them to Erhan D. (48), who is on the run from a 27-year jail
sentence for "fabricating official documents" and human trafficking.
Along with Erhan D., accomplices Serdal Ç. (37), Mahmut K. (40),
Gülhan K. (18) and Y.K. (17) were taken into custody.

During the suspects' interrogation all the details of Kanık's murder
came out.  Kanık herself was being sought for stealing the bank
cards of others over the internet and selling them.  She intended to
flee to Northern Cyprus with a fake ID, which is why Kanık came
from Istanbul to Didim on 4 October to talk with Erhan D., who is
the uncle of one of Kanık's friends.

Erhan D. enlisted his prison buddy Serdal Ç. in the matter and
Kanık paid them 28,000 TL (about $8,000) for the fake ID. 
However, the suspects demanded more money from Kanık and
Serdal Ç. went to the house she was staying at, where he strangled
her with a rope. Serdal Ç. then put the body in his car, picked up
Erhan D. and the two set fire to Kanık's body along the road so
it could not be identified.  The suspects wanted 250,000 TL from

Police are also trying to determine whether Kanık was raped. 

didim haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                   From İstanbul to Didim.

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