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Kissing Sewer Covers, For God's Sake

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 October 2017)

Meclis’te rögar kapağı tartışması

An argument erupted in the Turkish Parliament the evening before
last between AKP and HDP representatives relating to the use of
sewer covers in Istanbul that have the word "Allah" written in
Arabıc on them (!).  HDP Batman Parliamentarian Mehmet Ali
Aslan showed a photograph of Syrian refugee children kissing
the sewer covers in Okmeydanı, Istanbul. 

Aslan noted that similar sewer covers had been seen in 2006, 2012
and 2014 in both Sivas and Istanbul.  In the government's response,
AKP Parliamentarian Mehmet Muş stated that "This is the story:
the logo of either the municipality or İSKİ (Istanbul Water Works)
are on the sewer covers.  There is also the logo of the manufacturing
firm (Mert Döküm) , which, when you see it upside down looks
like "Allah"."

Unconvinced, Arslan retorted, referring to the photo: "the logo's
of the Istanbul municipality and Kağıthane municipality are clear,
as is the Arabic word "Allah".  God's name must be on high, above
our heads.  These sewer covers must be removed and replaced!"

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