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Congress Prefers Evolution-free Speakers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 21 October 2017)

uluslararası bilimler ışığında yaratılış kongresi ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Conundrum: How could there be evolution on a flat Earth?

guest speaker see this TNT report for more fun with science.

Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan of Üsküdar University's Psychology Department
planned to deliver a paper entitled "Evolution as the Divine Method of
Creation in Islam" at the 'First İnternational Creation Congress in Light
of Science' to be convened at Harran University in Şanlıurfa next month.
However, his paper's summary has been rejected as being in conflict with
the theme of the congress.

Upon hearing of the rejection, Dr. Canan said that "universities are
places where knowledge is freely discussed.  All Moslems should object
to what has happened to me."  Recently, there has been an argument in
the academic world with regard to the "Theory of Evolution".  Dr.
Canan's paper was rejected because in it he defends evolution and he
blamed the censorship on Harran University's Prof. Dr. Hasan Akan.

Dr. Canan explained to Milliyet that "I was going to deliver an oral
paper for the congress so I sent them a summary.  Dr. Akan called me
and said that if I would changed the title of my paper they would be
happy to include me in the congress.  I replied that I did not think
this would be ethical and that I wanted to express what I know about
creation and science openly.  The basic problem is that at a creation
meeting held in the name of Islam and the Koran at a state university
they are not allowing views which run counter to a particular point of
view. As a Moslam, I was going to put forth my contension that there
is no contradiction between evolution and the Koran ."

‘İslam’da evrim var’ dedi, sansüre uğradı
(R)Evolutionary rebel with a cause Dr. Sinan Canan

Dr. Canan went on to explain that "many academicians have confused
evolution realities with 'evolution theories'.  Evolution is a clear and
observable fact, like gravity.  All living things are related and became
evident over the course of history.  For example, Darwin's theory is
such a theory.  Of course, every theory has its flaws but this is a
scientific and technical matter.  Especially in the Koran there are
many attributions related to the creation of humans and other living
things and these comport with the knowledge we have from biology.
Unfortunately, there are those who try to ignore these connections
with denials whose roots are not based in Islamic communities. 
As has been the case for centuries, there are those who want to keep
us from working on nature and God's creatures.  It is impossible for
us to make any scientific progress if we deny the idea of evolution."

creation museum ile ilgili görsel sonucu
'Best Paper' at Congress gets a free trip to the Creation Museum
in Kentucky.  Despite the Christianity, winner will feel right at

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