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Identity Theft Victim's Torment Drags On

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 October 2017)

adli sicil kaydı Eren Tanrıverdi E-devlet
                  Swallowed whole by 'the system'.

Eren Tanrıverdi had no police record whatsoever...until last May when
he entered the government's e-devlet (e-state) system and learned
about a scandal.  A drug dealer who used Tanrıverdi's identity was
reflected in the system as 'arrested'. 

Four months ago Tanrıverdi had sat in the courtroom when the drug
dealer was being tried and he shocked those present when he
proclaimed "Stop! I'm the real Eren!"  The fake 'Eren' confessed
everything, telling the court that his real name was Gökhan Akdemir.

The court delegation filed a case against Akdemir for using Tanrverdi's
identity, requesting a 4-year sentence.  However, Tanrıverdi's nightmare
did not end there.  When he tried to get an appointment at a state
hospital he was denied because the 'system' still showed him as being

Tanrıverdi explained that "based on the barcode, the hospital staffer
said that I was a convict in prison so they wouldn't treat me.  I went
to the head doctor and he too said that the 'system' would have to
be fixed for the hospital to treat me.  I'm in court all the time trying
to sort this out. I'm not in jail but my life is."

After Tanrıverdi filed a petition the court wrote to the prison telling
them to fix the computer file but, nevertheless, he is still shown in
the 'system' as being incarcerated.  Tanrıverdi had written to the Justice
Ministry asking that the problem be fixed and he is awaiting a reply.

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