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Yet Another Mysterious Archaeological Site

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 October 2017)

another mystery dig see this TNT report from Tarsus in January.

Sultanahmette bir gizemli saray
No action since 2013'ish. It's 1,600 years old, what's the rush?

In Sultanahmet, Istanbul, history lies beneath an old building belonging
to the Basın İlan Kurumu (Press Announcement Council) on the corner
of Doktor Şevki Bey Street.  The building was emptied in 2011 and
demolition began in 2013 at the 360 square meter protected site.

It is thought that under the galvanized fence and covering there are
vaults belonging to the Binbirdirek Sarnıcı (Cistern of Philoxenos),
which is just across the street, and remains from a 4th century A.D.
palace.  The site of the old Istanbul Judicial Building is diagonally
across and is currently being used as a parking lot. Excavations have
not yet begun.

According to what HaberTürk has learned from archaeologists,
the remains of a palace built by Philoksensus, an important senator
during the time of Emperor Constantine (324-337 A.D.), lie under
the hidden site.  An alternate possibility is that the site holds the
remains of the Lausus Palace, built by Senator Lausus between the
years 415-420 A.D.

The Basın İlan Kurumu issued an announcement stating that the
vaulted structure in the basement section had been registered as a
cultural heritage item on 8 August 2012. In a decision by the
No. 4 Culture and Natural Heritage Protection Council on 7
November 2012, a 'rölöve' (plan of an old building designated for
restoration) and art history report was requested for the vaulted
structure in the basement, which is part of the historic Fazlı Paşa

In accordance with a decision of the Basın İlan Kurumu, which
relates to an evaluation based on a 'rent-build-manage-turn over'
model, contract award matters are underway.

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Mystery site is across the street from the Basilica Cistern.


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