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Russian Hit-Man Confusion

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 October 2017)

Rusya-Türkiye arasında istihbarat oyunu
All Russian hit-men look alike - one size fits all mentality.

In April 2016, Istanbul police and agents from the Turkish National
Intelligence Organization (MIT/TNIO) captured two Russian agents
who had killed Chechen commander Vahid Edelgiriev.  It turned out
that one of the two Russians, Aleksandr Smirnov, had been a member
of the 'advance teams' involved in the murders of 7 Chechens in 2000-
2001.  The trigger-men in those killings, Andrei Sholkhov, Dimitri
Bodrov and Vladimir Voronon, are still at large.

In the past few days Russian judicial officials have requested that
Smirnov, who has been held in Istanbul for over a year, be returned to
Russia, claiming that the 'Smirnov' being held by the Turks is actually
Valid Lurahmayev, nicknamed 'Validol', who is wanted by Russian
police for the killing of a businessman.  The Russians stated that
Lurahmayev had entered Turkey with a false ID.

However, Turkish intelligence officials have positively determined
from fingerprints that it is Smirnov who is in custody in Istanbul,
not Lurahmayev. 

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