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Cat Burglar's Cats Eyes Prove His Undoing

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 March 2017)

Hırsızı Van kedisi gözleri ele verdi
                                 Ferdi B.

A thief who has been targetting upper class neighborhoods in
Istanbul got himself caught thanks to a special personal characteristic.
After homes in Beşiktaş, Ümraniye and Kadıköy were robbed police
went into action.  They learned that the thieves covered their faces
as they entered the gated communities in a luxury car so identifying
them was problematic, based on video images.

However, one Ahmet T. encountered the thieves in a building they
robbed in the Etiler section of the city.  According to Ahmet T.,
"one of the thieves' eyes caught my attention because one was green
and the other brown."  This information changed the course of the

Based on this description, police zeroed in on Ferdi B. (38), who was
on the lamb from a 17-year prison sentence.  The luxury car Ferdi B. and
confederate Haydar Ş. (24) were riding in was stopped by police in
Maltepe district.  In an effort to escape, Ferdi B. rammed the police
car but he and Haydar Ş. were caught and arrested.

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             The resemblance is uncanny...

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