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'Bonzai' Barbeque Less Than Ecstatic

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(Millyet Newspaper, 23 March 2017)

Kekik diye ete bonzai koymuş
Too-secret recipe - even the chefs didn't know the ingredients.

In Üsküdar, Istanbul, Aysel Karahan wanted to make a barbeque for
her guests.  She found a bag of what she thought was the spice thyme
in her garden and sprinkled it on the barbeque meat.  However, her ten
guests became ill from the food and one of them, Bayram Akdana (55),

In the ensuing police investigation it was determined that the 'thyme'
sprinkled on the meat was in fact the synthetic drug 'bonzai' (like
ecstacy).  The incident occurred in February at the home of Cuma and
Aysel Karahan on Sarıkanarya Street in the Yavuztürk neighborhood of

Cuma Karahan lamented that "My brother-in-law Bayram Akdana was
in intensive care for 8 days but then he started to come around. Two
days later, though, he died of a heart attack.  As the host, I'm very
ashamed that this happened in my home. I wish it had been me who

Cuma bey added that "there are a lot of users and sellers of bonzai
around the neighborhood. But I have no idea as to who put the
bonzai in our garden.  I don't want to accuse anyone wrongly.
Nevertheless, someone died. My wife and I are very sorry about it."

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