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Prison Handicrafts Handy for Escape Attempt

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 March 2017)

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                    Appropriate technology

Six prisoners who tried to escape from the Izmir Buca E-type Prison
were caught thanks to the alertness of the Gendarmerie and prison
personnel.  The prisoners, doing time for murder and robbery, used
faucet heads to break open doors and made themselves a 20-meter
long rope ladder.

The escape attempt happened at about 0230 AM last night. Convicts
H.T., B.C., R.D., R.U.Ö., B.D. and A.B. collected rope given to them
for various handicraft projects and used brush handles to make steps
for the nearly 20-meter long rope ladder.  After the air conditioning
system was shut down and the roll had been called, the convicts broke
open the door to the air conditioning system with the faucets they had
taken from the bathrooms.

The prisoners climbed their rope ladder to the roof of the prison but
were detected by the prison guards, who fired warning shots and
captured 4 of the convicts by climbing to the roof via the fire escape
steps. Another of the would-be-escapes tried to scale a 10 meter
fence but fell and broke his feet in the process.

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      They had an Earnest desire for freedom.

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