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Bad Vibrations; Pijama Party

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 13 March 2017)

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                 What might have been...(sigh)

A package received by a woman named S.G., who works at a
textile firm in Istanbul, has caused a scandal.  When S.G. opened
the package, which a courier had brought, in front of her co-workers,
she at first didn't know what it was.  She was shocked when her
friends told her that the gift was a 'vibrator' sex toy.

S.G. went straight to the police who determined the identity of
the mysterious sender - one A.Y. (44), an accessory supplier to
S.G.'s company.   In his statement to police, A.Y. explained that
his intention was for  the package to go to his friend, a woman
named S.P., not S.G.  A.Y. stated that "I've know S.G. for 14
years but I wanted to send the vibrator as a gift to my friend S.P.
By mistake I sent it to S.G." (!)

The public prosecutor found that by sending S.G. the vibrator
A.Y. had committed sexual harassment and he requested a jail
sentence of from 3 months to 2 years.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 March 2017)

Trafikte saygısızlığa  pijama cezası
   A very comfortable way to settle out of court.

Nesrin Dikiltaş, who lives in Bursa, was driving her car in December
when she had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting motorcyclist
Mehmet A., who had cut her off.  Nesrin hanım honked her horn at
Mehmet bey to reflect her displeasure.

However, Mehmet bey took exception to Nesrin hanım's honking
and began kicking her car.  Nesrin hanım locked her car doors and
headed for the police station. When a complaint was sent to the
public prosecutor about Mehmet bey, his mother Ayşe A. appealed
to Nesrin hanım to relent, lest her boy's record be stained.

In response, Nesrin hanım agreed to drop the charges if Mehmet
bey donated pijamas for all the residents of an old folks home. (!)
Ayşe A. then brought 72 pairs of jijamas to the home for distribution
to the residents.

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