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Un-Ladylike Gossipmonger Doctors Clash

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 March 2017)

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  ...and the gossip hits harder than the fists.

In Buca district of Izmir, a fight erupted between two women
doctors on 7 March.  Dr. N.G. heard her colleague A.N. talking
about her in a loud voice.  Bolting from her office, N.G. confronted
A.N., who began to hurl accusations and insults at N.G.  A.N. then
hit N.G., as well as nurse F.A., who was trying to intervene.

In her statement to police, N.G. explained that "A.N. said to patients
that 'the prescriptions I wrote for patients killed them, that I wrote
prescriptions to make money, that I killed a child at Karşıyaka State
Hospital (although I didn't work there), that I'm going to jail  and that
my short, bowlleged daughter is selling herself in Ankara to make
money' (!), along with saying other things about me around the patients.
When I asked her what she was trying to do she attacked me.  She
hit nurse F.A. too.  The patients witnessed this.  She locked herself
in her office, screaming 'I'll ruin you! I won't let you live here!'"

Nurse F.A. stated that "when Dr. N.G. asked Dr. A.N. what she was
trying to do, she attacked her and hit her arms.  When I tried to
separate them Dr. A.N. hit me and squeezed my arms.  The patients
witnessed it.  She insulted me, as well, saying that I engaged in
group sex (!) and that my husband is a cuckold.  There's no telling
what she'll do or say. She just keeps on insulting all of us with words
and actions.  We have no security.  She even insulted my husband
and my children!"

As for Dr. A. N., she asserted that "they hit me, I didn't hit them.
To avoid being hurt by them I locked myself and my nurse in my
office.  N.G. said to me 'get out of here! You're mentally ill, get
treatment!'  They injured my reputation and respecct in front of
my patients."

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                                   Buca (A)

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