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Foggy Human Trafficking Fails in Istanbul

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 March 2017)

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Ferry in this stock photo was dock-bound by this week's thick fog. 

Istanbul police got a tip that a human smuggling gang would try to use
the thick fog in the city this week as an opportunity to move refugees. As
part of the plan to break the gang, police inserted two Arabic speaking
plain-clothes policemen among 80 refugees the gang loaded on to buses
in the Fatih district.

The undercover agents even paid the $5,000 fee in order to board the
bus.  The gang's plan was to load the regugees onto an old ship docked
at Silivri and slip out into the Sea of Marmara under the cover of fog.
However, thanks to the 'refugee' police, the bus was stopped en route
to Silivri at Esenler.

Sub-Economy class for  $5,000.

Police took the bus driver into custody and had him call the bus's owner,
saying that it had broken down.  As soon as the owner came to the scene
he too was taken into custody and he then identified the the gang members
as Turks S.A., B.K., A.Ü., K.A., Iraqi A.S. and German A.N., who were
all arrested.

As for the refugees, 27 Somalis, 23 Syrians, 13 Pakistanis, 7 Iranians,
5 Lebanese, 3 Afghans and 1 Iraqi were taken by police to a holding
pen for subsequent repatriation to their home countries.

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Bus boarded at Fatih, stopped at Esenler, en route to Silivri (left).

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