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Ecuadorian Invaders Taking Gypsy Jobs Away

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 March 2017)

Playing 'Roll Over Beethoven' in honor of Chuck Berry's passing.

The 4-person group "Inca Sol"group, which has come to Turkey from
the South American country of Ecuador for various events, made
a colorful appearance in Tekirdağ.  Playing their regional musical
instruments and wearing 'kızılderili' ('red skinish' in Turkish - Native
American) garb, the group performed for passers-by.

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One Gypsy who's neither a Berry nor an Ecuadorian fan.

However, the local Roma-Gypsy citizens objected to the
Ecuadorians presence, with a Gypsie clarinet player declaring
that "they're taking our profession away from us! The people of
Tekirdağ aren't supporting us! Where did these guys come from
whom they're supporting! They've really stolen our jobs! It's 'ayıp'
(shameful).  Tekirdağians have to support US!"

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