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Presidential Oscar Awaits

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 24 March 2017)

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    And they got him on a bad hair day. too.

Presenter Pelin Çift and her guests on the program 'Gündem Ötesi'
(Beyond the Agenda), broadcast on TRT TV the night before last,
claimed that the unidentified visage shown in the film 'Spectral' was
that of President Erdoğan.

Here are the details related to that remarkable claim: there is a
striking scene in the 2016 Hollywood science fiction film 'Spectral'.
The claim by Çift and her guests writer Ali Selman Demirbağ and
academician Sinan Canan took the matter to a new level, though,
asserting that the visage on the screen is Erdoğan's.

In the scene, which lasts for 1:36:20 minutes, the visage of the
enemy leader destroyed by the U.S. Army is shown.  In the film,
American soldiers are preparing a plan to occupy  the enemy nation
that is causing them problems.  However, they are fighting an unseen
enemy in this particular country.

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The entire movie was filmed on location in Saylorsburg, PA. (hmmm)

The enemy can only be seen with a special device so the Americans
use electromagnetic weapons that expose the enemy and they ultimately
kill all of the enemy combatants.  It is at that point in the film that
the visage of the unseen enemy is presented on the screen for 12

Çift and her guests opined that the film's intent was to induce a
subliminal message.

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           Director Fethullah Gülen.

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