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Two Grim Stories of Women: Tuğba and 'Bonnie'

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 9 March 2017)

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Tuğba Serin (22) worked for a GSM company in Yüreğir, Adana.
Yesterday morning on her way to work, she was listening to music
as she crossed the train tracks and didn't hear the oncoming train.
Tuğba hanım lost her life after being hit by the train and a passerby
stole her cellphone  (!) from her lifeless body. As Tuğba's family
mourns, police are searching for the heartless cellphone thief.

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                   Adana province


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 9 March 2017)

bonnie&clyde see TNT reporting from yesterday on this story.

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              Destiny's (less fortunate) child.

Remarkable details have emerged about Nagihan K., the girlfriend
of Emrah Şaban D.  The couple robbed 7 women in 3 days in Istanbul
and have been likened to America's famous Bonnie & Clyde crime duo.

Nagihan hanım was born in Bakırköy, Istanbul, in 1991 and then
moved to Ankara without ever completing her education beyond
middle school.  She married one Ramazan K. in 2010 and gave birth
to a daughter that same year.  The couple had problems and separated
without formally divorcing.

Beginning in 2015, Nagihan hanım robbed 15 homes and shops within
10 months. She was caught and imprisoned, while her 5 year-old
daughter went to live with her grandmother.  In her 9th month in jail
Nagihan hanım received a letter from Emrah Şaban D. (30), who was then
in prison in Düzce. saying "a friend of mine mentioned you. I'd like
to meet you."  Emrah Şaban's crimes included mugging, robbery and

After Emrah Şaban transferred to a low-security facility, he was
permitted to spend some time on the outside.  Meanwhile, Nagihan
hanım was sent from Ankara to the low-security prison in Kocaeli,
near Düzce, and she and Emrah Şaban arranged to meet while they
were both on 'outside time'.

Rather than return to prison, the couple fled to Fatih, Istanbul. When
they ran out of money they began their mugging spree.  After her
arrest, Nagihan hanım explained that "Emrah drove the motorcycle.
I found a gun and we wore helmets so as not to be recognized. We
never thought we'd get caught."

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Düzce, right. Kocaeli, center. Istanbul, left.

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