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Hospital Popularity Poll Wildly Unpopular

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 March 2017)

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                          Last year's winners.

A poll started by the General Secretariat of the Balıkesir State
Hospitals Union in the context of the 14 March Medical Holiday,
has caused controversy in the city.

The poll was intended to determine the "most" among the doctors
assigned in Balıkesir, in 12 interesting categories, including 'most
handsome', 'prettiest', 'most chic',   Hospital workers were asked
to fill out the polls at a few hospitals but negative reactions ensued.

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The poll asks participants to put then name and title of the doctor
they feel suits the particular category:

Most handsome
Most touristic
Most artistic
Most generous
Most obsessed
Best voice
Best athlete
Best cook
Most chic

Musa Bilal, head of the local Türk Sağlık Sen union wondered
"are you going to choose the handsomest doctor and then send him
to one of those TV marriage shows?  Is it ethical to ask female
personnel such questions?  Will the prettiest woman qualify as
a potential bride?  How do personnel know who's got the best voice?"
Should the doctors each sing a song? Such a poll embarrasses us as
a province in front of all of Turkey."

Bilal added that with so many real medical problems facing the
province it was ridiculous to have such a poll: "But just withdrawing
the poll because of workers' reactions won't solve the problem.
Those who made this poll should know that they won't be forgiven.
They should resign."

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'Most boring' category has been eliminated this time around. 

Togan Demircan, head of the Demokratik Sağlık Sen union, said:
"Health officials shouldn't be involved with such things. I'm really
amazed.  One of the categories in the poll is 'craziest'. What does
that mean? There are so many of our colleagues who have done
great things in our hospitals. Instead of bothering with 'mosts'
officials should focus on 'bests'.

One of the polls godfathers, Balikesir State Hospitals Union General
Secretary Dr. Murat Yeşilbaş, explained (lamely) that "a draft poll
was sent to training and quality units in hospitals but it was then
cancelled. We're not involved with such a poll."

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