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Uber-sized Taxi Nightmare

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 March 2017)

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                'BiTaksi' driver Barış K.

In Istanbul, the driver whom two young people summoned with the
'BiTaksi' app (like Uber) turned out to be their nightmare.  On 19 March
the two youths, J.R. and her boyfriend O.D., got into the 'BiTaksi' cab
they summoned and headed for İncirli Avenue in Bakırköy.  En route
their driver Barış K. encountered an accident and (for some reason)
began to argue with the drivers.

Observers at the accident scene and the two youths urged Barış K. to
take an alternative route but Barış K. refused.  One of the drivers involved
in the accident complained to police about Barış K.  J.R. and O.D. told
Barış K. he was in the wrong and got out of the taxi.

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         Ahhh, a ride just like in the advertisement...

On 26 March, J.R.and O.D. again summoned a 'BiTaksi' cab and J.R. sat
in the front seat and O.D. in the back seat.  The driver looked at the two
youths and said "Remember me? I've been waiting for you for a week
and when you summoned a cab I came to get you.  You won't get out of
this cab. I'll kill you."  The youths were shocked to see that their driver
was Barış K.

J.R. began screaming from the car window but Barış K. warned "Sit still!
If you call the police I'll kill you both!"  Barış K. took the youths to a
taxi stand where there were 15 taxi drivers waiting.  Barış K. and three
of his cohorts began to beat O.D.  J.R. called the police but the suspects

'BiTaksi' officials stated that they met with the youths and apologized to
them.  Nevertheless, they declared that "there's no security problem with
the app.  It works on the basis of which driver is closest. The driver wasn't
tracking them, it was just a coincidence (!).  J.R.'s real name wasn't even
in our system and, besides that, the drivers aren't our employees." (!)

Image result for bakırköy haritası
                Bakırköy district of Istanbul


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