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Battle of Sadullah's Takes Unexpected Turn

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 31 March 2017)

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 The pesky 'spare wife' issue always brings headaches.

In the Gülbahçe quarter of Seyhan district, central Adana, Sadullah
Duran (31) began an affair with his wife's niece Özlem Tarhan (28)
two years ago.  Duran told Özlem hanım "I'll divorce my wife and
take you." but he didn't keep his word and Özlem hanım's family got
wind of the affair.

Nevertheless, the Tarhan family agreed to have Özlem hanım marry
her aunt's husband as a 'kuma' (spare wife) and 8 months ago the two
became engaged.  Duran, though, subsequently claimed he didn't have
the resources to marry Özlem hanım and he broke off the engagement.

Enraged by this development, Özlem hanım's brothers Sadullah and
Hamdullah Tarhan grabbed a 'pompalı tüfek' (pump-action rifle) and
went to Duran's house to threaten him.  The brothers dragged Duran
into the street and began firing into the air.  Hearing the commotion,
Hatip Bağlayan, the Tarhan brothers' uncle and, also, Duran's brother-
in-law, came on the scene.

Bağlayan took the rifle away from his nephews and separated them
from Duran.  A tussle ensued between Bağlayan and Hamdullah over
the rifle and the gun went off, hitting and killing Sadullah Tarhan.

Sadullah Turan was buried in the Küçükoba Cemetery and Hamdullah
Tarhan, Hatip Bağlayan and Sadullah Duran were all taken into
custody by police.

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