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Dash-Cam Images Nail Hostage-Takers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 March 2017)

Fidyeciler kameraya takıldı!
Where's Claude Van Damme when you need him!?

Jewelers Ö.K. and M.U. were driving in a car at the Öğretmen
bus stop intersection in Buca district of Izmir province at 17:45
on the evening of 12 March, when they were cut off by two other
vehicles.  The jewelers were abducted and taken to a shack in a
rural part of Karabağlar district.

Passers-by who saw the jewelers' empty vehicle at the Öğretmen
intersection alerted the Gendarmerie.  Nearby hospitals were checked
but no injured turned up.  Investigators noticed, though, that there was
a dashboard camera mounted in the jewelers' car and from watching
the camera images they could see that the jewelers had been abducted
by a gang led by M.B.

Image result for fidyeciler kameraya takıldı buca
Gang members didn't realize they were auditioning.

After identifying the owner of the abandoned car, police learned that
the kidnapped jeweler's brother had been contacted by the hostage-
takers.  Police then captured the suspects sent to collect the ransom
red-handed.  Subsequently, another 7 gang members were taken into

Gang leader M.B. and his cohorts, still holding and torturing the
hostage jewelers over two days, learned of the police sting and went
into hiding, releasing jewelers Ö.K. and M.U.  Police are currently
searching for M.B. and his men.

Image result for karabağlar izmir haritası
 Karabağlar, part of Izmir city, has recently become a district.

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