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Professor Hoodwinked by Pizza 'Police'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 March 2017)

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      Beware of 'police' bearing pepperoni.

In recent years, well-off elderly people have been targeted by
hoodwinkers calling on the phone.  The newest victim is 90 year-old
Iranian Professor Hüsrev Mollah, who established a university in
Iran, taught at universities in Germany and Turkey  and has served on
the boards of some big companies.

The swindlers called Prof. Mollah, who is a recent widower living
alone in Yeniköy, Istanbul.  The callers identified themselves as
police and said they were conducting a big operation against a
counterfeit ring, which is why they had to examine the Professor's
money (!).

Threatened with arrest if he did not cooperate, Prof. Mollah went
to the bank and withdrew 285,000 TL (about $75,000).  He gave
the money to the swindlers, then went to another bank and withdrew
250,000 Euros.  The suspects arrived at Prof. Mollah's house with
pizza - they made a habit of coming to his house with a treat and
kissing his hands, as one would do to an elder.

Hüsrev Mollah İranlı Profesör
    Too much phone time with telehoodwinkers.

Realizing that Prof. Mollah's resources were at an end, the swindlers
feigned a call to the 'public prosecutor' to assuage the Professor's
anxiety.  A while later, when no investigation occurred, Prof. Mollah
realized that he had been bamboozled and called police. He
lamented that "I was going to buy a house with that money."

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The Big Professor lives in tony Yeniköy (7).

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