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Hope-less Criminals Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 March 2017)

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The late Sercan Şen, left, Ümit "Bizarro" D., right.

Ümit D. ('ümit' means 'hope') did not return a rented car and later
killed the car's owner, Sercan Şen, in Istanbul.  Police captured
him far away by following his girlfriend to him.

A year ago, Şen, who owned a car rental dealership in Zeytinburnu,
Istanbul, rented a car to Ümit D. who did not return it.  Şen located
the car by GPS in Mersin but after the GPS device was removed from
the car he complained to the public prosecutor.

Last month Şen spotted Ümit D. in Zeytinburnu driving a luxury car,
cut him off and called police.  Ümit D., though, shot him dead and fled.
Police then began searching for Ümit D. and determined that he had
left the Istanbul area.  Three days ago, Ümit D. asked his girlfriend to
come to Gaziantep from Istanbul but police were listening.  They
followed the girlfriend to Gaziantep and nabbed Ümit D. there.

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 March 2017)

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Ümit "Bizarre" Y., left, the late Müzeyyen Telli, right.

Drug dealer Ümit Y. ('ümit' means 'hope' !) murdered Müzeyyen Telli
(24) in Bahçelievler, Istanbul, and has been on the lamb for 3 days.
He was captured by police in Adana yesterday.

On Sunday in the Zafer neighborhood of Bahçelievler, Aysel Telli went
to the basement of her apartment building to get some coal.  Aysel hanım
shouted at the drug dealer loitering in the basement to leave, drawing her
neice Müzeyyen and nephew Rıfat down the celler as the dealer fled.  

A while later the drug dealer returned with 6 confederates, one of whom
opened fire on the Telli family members, killing Müzeyyen.  Police took
9 suspects into custody but the shooter was missing with the gun.  It was
determined that Ümit Y. (20) was the murderer.  He has built up a thick
police record since he was 15 but because of his age he escaped jail time
and again.

Ümit Y., originally from Batman in eastern Turkey, was tracked to
Batman, where he boarded a bus for Adana.  Istanbul police alerted
their counterparts in Adana and Ümit Y. was taken into custody at
the central Adana bus depot. He was turned over to Istanbul police
who arrived at Adana Airport to bring him back to Istanbul.

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