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'Frotteurism' Bus Incident on World Women's Day

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 March 2017)

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      Ö.Y., expert 'Frotteurism' practitioner. 

In Ankara, N.A., who works as a nurse in a private clinic, boarded
a city bus to go to work the morning before last, International Women's
Day.  There were no seats left on the bus so N.A. had to stand.  A few
stops later Ö.Y. boarded the bus, headed for the spot where N.A.
was standing and stood behind her.

Shortly afterwards Ö.Y. began to poke N.A. with his sex organ
('Frotteurism', or 'Fortçuluk' in Turkish).  N.A. moved from her spot
but Ö.Y. followed her, continuing to sexually harass her. However,
a plain-clothes policeman on the bus noticed and intervened. The
bus stopped in front of the Solmaz Kılıçtepe police station in the
Ulus section, where a distraught N.A. filed a complaint againt Ö.Y.
who was taken into custody.

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        For those on Ö.Y.'s e-card list.

Subsequently, Ö.Y. was brought before Judge Sezer Söylemez, who,
taking note of the statements given by N.A. and the policeman,
ordered that Ö.Y. be sent to Sincan Prison for a "sexual assault". In
her statement, N.A. related what happened on the bus as follows:
"the policeman on the bus intervened against the suspect and said
'hey you, stop! I've been watching you harass the women on the bus.'
I was crying at the time but when I said I'd file a complaint the
policeman had the bus stop in front of the police station and brought
the suspect in."

The policeman involved stated that "I warned him when I saw him
approaching the women, one of whom, N.A., was crying because
of the harassment she suffered. When she said she would file a
complaint I stopped the bus and delivered the suspect to the police

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                 Downtown Ankara

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