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Bonnie & Clyde: The Turkish Sequel

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 8 March 2017)

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            Straight out of central casting.

On the evening of 2 March in the Fatih district of Istanbul, a
woman named O.U. was heading home when she was mugged
by two people who came alongside her on a motorcycle and
took her cellphone.  The same night in Fatih, and then on 4 and
5 March in Beyoğlu and Beşiktaş, a total of 6 other women were
similarly mugged.

Police determined from the victims' statements and video images
that one of the muggers was a woman.  Subsequently, police raided
a home in Fatih and took Emrah Şaban D. and his girlfriend Nagihan
K. into custody.

It turned out that both suspects were prison escapees.  While Emrah
Şaban D. was serving a 10-year sentence in Düzce jail for mugging,
through a friend he met Nagihan hanım, a thief with a long criminal
record, who was in prison in Ankara.  The two exchanged letters for
6 months and fell in love.

'Good behavior' enabled Emrah Şaban to begin serving his time in an
open prison, which allowed him some free time on the outside. On
17 January, Nagihan hanım was transferred from Ankara to the
minimum security prison in Kocaeli, near Düzce. and she too was
allowed to spend time in public. The two arranged to be on the outside
on the same date and fled to Istanbul.

The happy couple rented a house in Fatih but when they ran out of
money they stole a motorcycle and began their mugging spree, ala
the famous American criminal duo of the 1930s, Bonnie Parker and
Clyde Barrow.

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                   Fatih district of Istanbul

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