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Turk Politicians Want One-Way Mars Trip

//ed. note: digital version of Turkish article unavailable.//

(Sözcü Newspaper, 4 March 2017)

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Turkish province of Marsistan declared! Governor will remain.

The draft law establishing the Turkish Space Agency has been
accepted by the Turkish Parliament's Industry Commerce and
Technology Commission.  As Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan
provided information to the commission in connection with the draft,
he asserted that the Space Agency will develop an astronaut, declaring
that " our goal is to put a Turkish astronaut into space."

Hearing this, two AKP Parliamentarians asked to go into space themselves.
Parliamentarian Necip Kalkan of Izmir said that "God willing, we will
send a Turkish astronaut."  His colleague, Parliamentarian Nurettin Nebati
of Istanbul, said that he is willing to take a one-way trip to Mars (!).
Doubling down, Nebati stated that "If you're looking for an astronaut to
send to Mars and not come back, we're ready even though we're a bit
overage.  I'll get Necip to promise, as well."

Minister Arslan said in reply that "there's no age limit. You're both
quite young, knock wood.  The goal is a Turkish astronaut.  Why not
you guys?"   Kalkan is 67 and Nebati is 53 years-old.

ottoman moon landing  way back in 1635...

        NASA (New Anatolia Space Agency)

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