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They Fought City Hall...And Won!

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 28 April 2017)

Kars’tan Gölcük’e tayin şartıyla tahliye
                               Fortress of Kars

Although Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan ordered that 130
structures in the vicinity of the Kars Kalesi (Fortress of Kars) be
nationalized for redevelopment of the area, two state workers refused
to budge from their homes.  The balkers, two brothers who demanded
assignments in Gölçük district of Kocaeli province before they would
vacate, finally complied after the intercession of Kars Governor Rahmi

Minister Arslan's order to raze the dilapidated structures on the slopes
adjoining one of the oldest settled areas in the city of Kars was put
into effect a year ago.  The project includes 20 Ottoman-style homes
and a market where local products will be sold.  On 30 March,
destruction of the 130 dilapidated structures began but the two hold-outs

Brothers Enver İnan (53), an employee of the National Education
Directorate, and Serkan İnan (37), who works in the Health Directorate,
stuck to their demand to be assigned to Gölçük.  Their demand was
made known to Governor Doğan, who arranged for the two brothers
to be assigned to Gölçük (!), ending the standoff.

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                     Kars (A), Kocaeli (B)

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