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Detox Stalls With Cocktails Handy

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(Millyet Newspaper, 5 April 2017)

Rehabilitasyonda alkole doymuşlar
      The 12-step program in luxurious reverse.

A.Y. (22) began working last year as a detoxification trainer at the
Ayka Vital Sağlıklı Yaşam Merkezi (Ayka Vital Healthy Life Center)
for alcoholics and drug addicts in Anatlya's Döşemealtı district.
Recently, A.Y. left the Center and on 22 March he filed a complaint
about it with the Prime Minister's Contact Center (BİMER).

According to A.Y. "there is a liquor celler on the ground floor of the
Center that the detox trainers noticed.  Alcohlics were given permission
to drink there and there were others coming from outside."  Another
trainer who has left the center, O.N. (35), stated that an alcoholic
trainee had told him "we were all drinking. Wine, liquor.  I went
into 4 rooms and they were drinking in two of them."

A person who sent his two children, aged 17 and 21, to the Center
for treatment complained to BİMER on 17 March that those under
treatment at the Center could easily obtain alcohol.  Center Director
Dr. Kazım Doğan explained (lamely) that "there's a 4-star hotel here
alongside the Center.  We got the contract to handle the Swedish
government's rheumatism and neurology rehabilitation patients.
These Swedish patients want wine when they come here so we have
to give it to them. There's liquor in the warehouse. Our young alcoholic
patients go through the warehouse window at night and get the liquor."

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Döşemealtı district of Antalya is right in the center of the province.


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