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A Cop Was Around When She Needed One

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 April 2017)

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Sometimes, after being unlucky, you get lucky.

In Antalya's Kepez district, a girl headed toward an exam as part
of the Anadolu University Open Education Program had her purse
snatched.  Arzu Tıraş (26) had just got off a bus and was walking
toward the testing site when two individuals grabbed her purse.
Inside her purse were her test-entry document, bank cards, ID card
and 10 TL

Police rushed to the scene and found the crestfallen Tıraş, who
explained that "I was going to the test. I begged them not to take
my purse but they took it anyway."  Fortunately, police quickly
found Tıraş's bag in a forested area, put her in a police car and rushed
her to the test site just in time.

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   Kepez district is within Antalya city.

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