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(Already) Married With Children

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 April 2017)

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Basri A. dealing with the pain of betrayal the morning after.

Basri A. lives in Malatya and on 17 April he wedded a woman
from Şanlıurfa, who has 4 children, in an unofficial marriage ceremony.
Prior to the betrothal, Basri gave the woman 8 gold bracelets, 2 pairs of
golden earrings, 3 gold rings and a gold watch (!).

The morning after the ceremony, though, Basri awoke to find the woman
and the gold (and presumably the 4 kids) gone.  Acting on Basri's
complaint, police stopped a car carrying the woman and another
individual on the Malatya - Adıyaman highway.  The woman's companion
showed an ID in the name of H.K. but a finger-print check revealed his
true identity - Adnan K., who is wanted for 4 crimes and has a 9 year,
3 month jail sentence pending.

It turned out that the woman is officially married to someone else. Both
she and Adnan K. were incarcerated in jail in Malatya.

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