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A First-hand Symposium on Kidnapping

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 April 2017)

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As their faces reflect, still a bit woozy at rescue time.

The family of Iraqi businessman Hafedh Hussain (58) reported to
Istanbul police on 15 April that Hussain, who is in the oil business,
had been invited to a 'symposium' in Istanbul.  Instead, he was
kidnapped and a ransom of $2.1 million demanded from his family.
Also kidnapped along with Hussain was another Iraqi, Prof. Dr. Saad
Abed Jasm.

The two Iraqis had arrived at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul on
13 Aprıl and settled into a hotel in the Taksim area of Istanbul.  The
next day the two, accompanied by another individual, took a taxi
to Fatih.  Thanks to the taxi driver's account, police determined that
the hostages were being held in a house on Muratpaşa Sokak in the
Molla Gürani neighborhood of Fatih.

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"How are we gonna spend our $2.1 million in this position?!"

Hussain's family showed police photographs of torture and a video
in which the kidnappers demanded the ransom.  Initially, the family
deposited $100,000 in a Baghdad foreign exchange bureau and asked
for 3 days to raise the rest of the ransom money.

The day before yesterday, police stormed the house and found Hussain
and Jasm with their hands and feet bound.  Hostage-takers Khaled
Ahmed (30), an Egyptian, and Rabah Abood (37), an Iraqi, were
captured.  The now former-hostages explained to police that they
had come from Baghdad believing they had been invited to a
symposium in Istanbul.

Four people in Baghdad, including the owner of the foreign exchange
bureau, were arrested there.

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                     Fatih district of Istanbul

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